Flat Plate Solar Water Heaters

Flat Plate Collectors

As the name implies the solar flat plate collector has a surface exposed to the sun in the shape of flat plate. A flat plate solar heat collector comprises of an absorber plate transparent cover, isolation layer and outer covering.

Heat Collection Theory

After penetrating the transparent cover, sun’s rays are projected on the absorber plate. The absorber plate goes on to absorb solar energy, converse it into heat energy, and pass the heat energy to the heat transfer medium inside the tubes. The temperature of the heat transfer medium rises and cycles. The absorber plate is normally made f copper. In order to better absorb solar energy, the absorber plate is plated with a coating. The German TINOX coating could absorb 95% of solar energy and reflects only 5% solar energy.

  • Started in 1986 in Solar Energy, involved in designing, Manufacturing and supplying of Solar Products in Thermal and PV
  • Started Manufacturing Solar PV appliance Solar Lantern, Street Light etc from 1992-96.
  • Erection and Commissioning of 5MW and various capacities of Solar Panel Manufacturing units at Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand on Turn-Key Basis during 1997-2008
  • Projects such as Solar Traffic lights implemented in Georgia, UAE and Africa for Solar Lanterns.
  • Solar on/off Grid PV system under JNNSM government scheme 1 MW & 5 MW project preparation EPC contract etc.


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